The perfect environment for fresh food.

Food preservation technologies that mean you can store a lettuce for up to 20 days and it will still taste as fresh as the day you bought it.

There’s nothing worse than stocking your fridge full of fresh food, only to find that a few days later it is no longer edible. Saving you time and money Siemens fridge freezers feature new technology that is going to prolong the life of your fresh produce, meaning there will be fewer trips to the supermarket so you can enjoy your favourite foods for longer.

These benefits include; keeping your food at the correct temperature, locking in the nutrients with our innovative hydroFresh drawer, and the airFresh filter that helps to separate the smells in your fridge meaning no cross contamination between sweet and savoury foods. A Siemens fridge freezer is the smartest way to preserve your food.


Key features include:

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