An efficient way to warm your home

infraredheaderInfared heating is a cost effective method to not only warm up your kitchen, but any room within your house. Infrared is a very efficient form of heating because it is heating you and not trying to heat the air – this will be warmed as a secondary effect.

Also, once the panel reaches optimum temperature it will modulate on and off to maintain temperature, thus drawing on less power. All electrical energy is used to produce heat, there are no lights, fans or noise, so our heaters are very economical and silent to run.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Use Infrared Heating Panels Outside?

They can be used for heating conservatories, warehouses, factories & much more besides.

Will Infared Heating Save Me Money?

Infrared heating panels that could save you up to 70% on all your current energy bills.

What About Maintenance Costs?

Once up and running, you can literally forget about them

Are Infrared Heating Panels Good For The Environment?

No emmissions, no CO2 emmited, no light, no smell, and you cut down your carbon footprint