The Rise Of The Masculine Baker

In recent years there has been a plethora of male bakers and chefs dominating the TV, and new survey results from Neff suggest that these new faces are inspiring the baking habits of males around the UK.

To mark its 40th anniversary in the UK and the continued success of the Bake It Yourself campaign, the UK’s leading built in oven manufacturer, Neff, conducted a nationwide survey to highlight the popularity of baking and the gauge recent change in baking habits.

The study of 2,000 men and women revealed that the likes of Paul Hollywood and Eric Lanlard are beginning to influence the UK as more men have begun to don their aprons and channel their inner baker.

Males aren’t shy about their baking skills either, as the majority of men questioned think they are already a competent baker. Less than half (48%) of men felt they would need any extra support, in contrast to women who admitted they are not as confident, with 63% saying they would like lessons to become a better baker.

One baking treat men feel they are particularly skilled at creating is the popular cupcake and 15% of men questioned said this was the preferred sweet treat of choice. In fact the survey revealed that men are making more cupcakes than women, who are perhaps branching out to new baking treats.

The survey also revealed the main reason men bake is to achieve improved flavours compared to shop bought options. Almost half (47%) of those questioned said they prefer to bake because seeing the ingredients which go into a cake make it more enjoyable and tantalising.

Victoria Martinez-Gimeno, Brand Manager for Neff comments: “In recent years the nation’s fondness for baking has gone from strength to strength. With chefs like Simon Rimmer and Greg Wallace becoming household names it is hardly surprising that the male population are getting into baking- and not in a shy way.  Not only are they tackling the nations favourite baked recipes, but they are also confident giving them their own personal twist.

“The increase in baking habits is one reason we wanted to launch the Bake It Yourself (BIY) campaign, we wanted to provide a platform to help everyone bake more and share their knowledge whilst being supported by Neff’s experience and expertise. The community now has over 300,000 followers on the BIY Facebook page and we hope it will continue to get everyone baking regardless of age, gender or even abilities.”