Siemens’ Intuitive Isensoric Technology Understands The Demands Of An Active Lifestyle

The next generation of home laundry care has landed – Siemens iSensoric washing machines intuitively tailor every wash to meet the demanding laundry care needs of consumers who live life to the full, thanks to intelligent sensor technology.

A life less ordinary

Designed with people who lead an active and varied lifestyle in mind – as well as those who take a more laid-back approach to leisure – iSensoric instinctively understands how to treat and prolong the life of outdoor wear, ski suits, fleeces, waterproofs and heavily soiled items, as well as delicates. iSensoric now comes as standard on all Siemens washing machines, taking the guesswork out of home laundry.

A machine with a unique ability: thinking

iSensoric’s patented sensors interact with each other to instinctively calculate how much detergent, water and energy to use. Choose whether to focus on speed, stain removal or energy saving, or select the Textile Guard setting to apply a waterproof layer to breathable fabrics and all-weather gear. iSensoric automatically calibrates the machine to balance out water pockets inside the drum too, protecting fabrics.

Intuitive, innovative, simple: perfect laundry at the touch of a button

iSensoric uses the following patented features that interact with intelligent software controlled electronics and sensors, enabling the iQ series to provide the best possible performance:

i-Dos – determines the amount of detergent and softener needed to the nearest millilitre, taking all relevant parameters into account like the kind of fabric and load, the degree of soiling, etc.

varioPerfect – decreases the washing machine’s cycle time by up to 65%, or saves energy by up to 50% by lengthening the cycle.

autoStain removal system – after manually selecting this option, autoStain removal uses a specific combination of rotating speed, temperature and amount of water to effectively remove up to 16 types of stains automatically.

Textile Guard – working with Nikwax, Textile Guard applies a waterproof treatment to breathable fabrics, prolonging the life of high quality functional clothing like winter jackets, fleeces and ski suits. Simply add the Nikwax treatment to the detergent drawer and select the Textile Guard option.

Outdoor wear – with iSensoric, the exact amount of water in relation to the load volume is monitored by the flow sensor and the load sensor plus, to only ever use the optimum amount. As most outdoor wear has welded seams, the temperature sensor also controls the heat level to avoid damage to the seam.

“Siemens has put itself into the minds of customers to design technology that consumers themselves would want inside their ideal washing machine, explained Alex Lucas, Siemens Group Marketing Manager.

Alex continued: “People with demanding lifestyles are in turn demanding laundry appliances that can keep up with the pace, and in response we have developed iSensoric – technology that will improve and simplify the washing process for all. From skiing to dirt biking, track racing to music festivals – or just an everyday load – iSensoric intuitively creates a bespoke wash programme to deal with the unique requirements of every lifestyle.