siemens-dishwasherExtra innovations for extra shine.

Less ordinary lighting innovations that create ambiance in your living space and keep you informed, Siemens dishwashers feature an internal blue emotionLight that has the wow-factor; once you’ve seen it in action you’ll be sure to want to show off brilliantly cleaned glasses in your own home.

Using advanced drying technologies, Siemens dishwashers keep energy consumption to a minimum. Zeolith®, a form of naturally occurring mineral, has the astonishing ability to absorb moisture and convert it to heat.

What does this mean for you? The heat produced naturally by the Zeolith® is used for the drying cycle. No additional energy is therefore required to heat up the contents of your dishwasher for the drying process (as with a standard drying system). This results in perfect drying, with less energy usage.


Key features include:

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